Custom shutters from SWF are the ultimate investment in window coverings. Built to exacting quality standards, Our Traditions™ Shutters offer a wide array of styles and options that make them easy to customize.

Traditions Wood Shutters can be enhanced with an assortment of paints, stains, options, and upgrades.


Traditions Composite Shutters are more durable, designed to resist fading, cracking, and peeling.



  1. Our wood shutters are made exclusively from North American hardwoods.
  2. Our Shutters can be designed to fit custom shapes, arch or angle top panels, and sunburst arches.
  3. French doors with curved or rectangular cutouts for handles are also available.
  4. Shutters can be specially configured for use in bay and corner windows.
  5. They can be mounted on the inside or the outside of the window frame, offering great design flexibility.
  6. Shutters can be used in many different sized windows, in one- to eight-panel configurations.
  7. We offers several tilt and light control options for shutters, including split tilt, Hide-a-Tilt™, and divider rails.